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Phone interview awkwardness


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I just finished a phone interview for ASU psychiatric DNP program and don't feel very good about it. I was on speakerphone and I think there were three of them on the other line. I wish I had just driven the 2 hours to do this in person. Not being in the same room with someone, it is really difficult to see what is well-received and what is not. Maybe it was the interviewer.. no humor..and no letting me give any detailed explanations. They also did not seem to know anything about me. I hope they even read my application. My interview was 12:20pm..meaning the next one was 12:40.. They told me that I will know in 3-4 weeks. I really hope this won't ruin my chances.

Anybody else have problems with awkward phone interviews?:uhoh21:

ghillbert, MSN, NP

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I have to have my points I want to make, and questions I want to ask written out and stuck to the wall in front of me for phone interviews, along with some info about the employer, notable achievements on mine etc. Otherwise I go blank.

Last phone interview, I had a glass of wine and relaxed and got the job. At least you can learn for the next time you have a phone interview, if this time isn't successful (but it may be - don't worry until you have to!)


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It was my first phone interview for anything. Before the interview, I studied my application letters and everything, but my sales pitch was cut off at many spots =(. Then the interview fumbled ending in me stating non-eloquently and possibly desperately that I want to be in the program. I don't interview very well in general. I think I get overly intense (when enthusiasm turns badly) and freak people out. My parents are now getting on my case to call them back and ask for another interview on the basis of having problems hearing (I don't have a landline and my hearing sucks). As much as I feel that the interview did not go well, it would just seem inappropriate to do this.

llg, PhD, RN

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I did my phone interview for my PhD program lounging on my bed with a glass of wine in my hand. The wine helped.

A couple of years later, I told that to the professor who had conducted the interview. We had a good laugh over it.


Specializes in behavioral health. Has 1 years experience.

I already have an incoherency problem. :beer: and I get drunk off of one glass of wine =P. However, I do get your point and agree that relaxing goes a long way. Thanks!

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