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Does anyone know when Phoenix Childrens hospital will be starting interviews for their new grad positions? I applied back in January and am really hoping to get a position. I am getting so anxious! Does anyone have any information on it? Thank you!!


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If you haven't already, I'd call HR and ask a real person. The positions in the GAPP at PCH are few and far between. Good luck getting in. I was in the Feb 2008 class placed in the PICU and absolutely love it. The program is terrific and helped bridge the gap between school and pediatric nursing since Peds is covered so lightly in school. Good luck!


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I also applied back in January and spoke in person to a recruiter in April. She told me that they already placed all of their new graduates and if you haven't heard from them by April, then you were not selected. I was told they had hundreds of applications for only a few slots. She told me that they should be posting for another new grad class this summer that will start in the fall. Good luck!

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