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Hi I am a New Grad RN in the phoenix area really wanting to get a job in L&D anyone know of any hospitals hiring new grads? I have 2 years of OB/GYN office experience as an MA, have ACLS, BLS and NRP also have started fetal monitoring classes. Thanks for the help

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I do not know of any. You just have to watch the job postings at the area hospitals. Banner hires at certain times of the year in order to send new grads/new to service to their academy for OB. It may be easier to find a job in couplet care or post partum and then move into L&D. That's what I did. I still had to interview for the L&D job even though I already worked on the unit as PP. It is tough right now to get right into L&D. We have gotten a few nurses from ER in L&D recently and they do very well. It may be something to consider if you cannot find a position in L&D. I wish lots of luck in your search!

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I graduated last December, have been working in a women's health clinic since March, and have all the same certifications as you. I completed my preceptorship in L&D at Good Sam, and still have been having a terrible time getting my foot in the door. It's tough out there. Good luck!

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