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PHMNP/NP was the school harder than your ADN/BSN?


I'm currently applying to Capella and Northern Arizona University for their BSN. I'm wanting to get my PHMNP or NP. Is Psych NP/ NP school much harder than the ADN/BSN program? I know its more coursework/homework. I bridged from LPN to ADN and it was hard while trying to go to school and hold down a full time jobs to pay bills. I had mostly B's and C's. My instructors were hard but taught us how to be a nurse and not just pass and take the NCLEX! Our Graduation Rate was 96% and NCLEX 100% pass first time. I currently work on the Acute Inpatient Rehab unit. I worked at a Nursing Home and State Prison system for about 6 years as an LPN, so I know that dealing with psych patients is an different approach and can be dangerous, but I never was in any danger. My current GPA is 2.92 and I mainly got A's in my science class including Marine Biology. I got High B's in my Microbiology (taught by a Dr from the University of Florida and was one of the only 3 students out of 15 who passed her class) and missed getting a A in my A&P 1 class by 1 point! I think I will be able to bring my GPA up to 3.3 in the BSN program. Are the proctored tests hard? What are the studies like in the program? I have 3 PHMNP programs I'm looking to apply for at Georgia Southern, Valdosta State University, and University of Alabama Birmingham. I am planning to shadow a PHMNP and FNP soon in the coming weeks at my facility. Any inside info will be appreciated! Any NP in their respective schools can answer!

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I can’t speak to the difficulty of the program, but you could consider taking some additional classes to bring up your GPA more. Most NP schools are competitive. That being said there are always exceptions. Good luck on your journey 😀