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Hi, I am new to the board and not 100% sure how to work the site and I hope this question hasn't been asked before but here it goes...

Currently I am a Certified Nurse Assistant in Pennsylvania (right outside of philadelphia area to be exact.)

#1 I was to take a phlebotomy course because I just got accepted into a nursing program at a local community college to get my ASN, but I am so scared of taking people's blood because I hear of their horror stories and I don't want to be that nurse that sticks them a million times, I just can't find a Phlebotomy course in philadelphia does anyone know of an accrediated one that is during morning hours?

#2. I have heard that ASN Nurses and BSN Nurses make the same amount of money, is that true? Should I continue to get my Bachelor's after my associates?

#3. I want to take extra classes at school but I have taken all the pre-reqs for nursing but are there any classes anyone would recommend for me to that that will make me look or be more competitive. I am trying to register for pharmacology and medical term. they are the only two I can think of but I'm not sure if I should take more classes in psych or sociology then the recommended? My goal was to get a MSN in Geriatrics since the older population will soon triple.

#4. Where can I get certified in handing out medicine as a certified nurse's assistant or in pennsylvania is that now allow? I have heard that if you go through training then you can do it.

Sorry for so many questions I just want to do this right! thanks soo much for your time! :)

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don't know your area so cannot advise on where to take courses. Will say that in my part of the country BSN nurses earn more EVENTUALLY, although ADN may start out the same. More opportunity for BSN.


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If you want a MSN, you should go for the BSN. Some schools have an ASN-MSN, but I think it is easier for the BSN-MSN transition. I don't believe Pennsylvania uses medication aides. I may be wrong on that though. For classes- don't take any classes just to fill your time. Working as a CNA or a phleb will look better and make you a more attractive candidate than classes in psychology. Nurse managers want hands on experience.

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