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Phlebotomy draw proximal to an IV

talashark talashark (New) New

Does anyone know of a study about a phlebotomy draw causing infiltrate when performed above the IV? I need evidence based info to give to my boss.

If you draw above the IV site you are sampling blood with a higher fraction of IV fluid, which isn't useful for clinical decisions, right? Also, if you put a tourniquet above a running IV and then put a hole in the vein, you'll get an infiltration at the IV site and a big leak at the venipuncture site. This doesn't need study, it's anatomy. Draw a picture if you have to.


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Why oh, why would you draw above an IV site???? That is a huge NO-NO. DO not do this, nor place a tourniquet on the arm with an indwelling line like a PICC or ML. Draw labs below where the IV catheter is, if need be.


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