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Anyone know of any quick to get through phlebotomy classes in Indiana? Ivy Tech stretches their program over 2 years. The hospital only gives refresher classes to their employees who are LPN, RNs or Lab scientists. The Red Crosses in my state don't offer it. No blood banks in my county but I checked surrounding counties blood banks don't offer it either. Checked hospitals in other counties and they said no. Checked IU - Gary and South Bend and their quick program is for already licensed health care workers. Their other programs are stretched out over 2 years like Ivy Tech. I do not live near any bordering state. They are always looking for phlebotomists here - no wonder since there are no quick programs here.


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2 years for a phlebotomy class? Geez, what do you learn? Do you mold your own needles? I took a phlebotomy class several years ago that was a week long.......

Go to nursing school..........Phlebotomist must make some big bucks there for a 2 year course..........


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I have been trying to get into nursing school for many years. Nearly impossible in this state (no money to move out of state). The phlebotomy class is one semester - but you have 3 semesters of prereqs first! Then after an actually on the job experience. Takes forever. I bet Indiana has to recruit for these jobs from out of state - because the training just isn't here.


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Med Tech College in Indianapolis has a new phlebotomy training course. Hope this helps.

P.S...If you want to go to nursing school, have you considered J. Everett Light LPN school in Indianapolis? It is where I got my LPN, and it wasn't nearly as hard to get into than Ivy Tech, and there are no needed prerequisites. Here's their website:

then click on "nursing program" for info.

Good luck!!!


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My mother and i go to MED TECH in indianapolis, and its only for 4 weeks.. our last class is this saturday... The price is $825 if you pay in payments, but if u pay in full they take off $100.. They have either a 6week class, or a 4week class. The classes are very,very easy.:)

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