Phlebotomy certification


I got my license in 2009 in NJ. When I was hired at my first nursing position, they showed me how to draw blood as it "fell under my license" and I didn't need certification at the time. Now, I'm finding out through a friend going for her MA that nurses need to be certified to draw blood. Anyone know if NJ has grandfathered the nurses before this law? Has this happened in other states? I'm having difficulty finding the exact law she's talking about!

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Only two states mandate phlebotomy certification for phlebotomists LA & CA. Many facilities require nurses to take an in house class for IV & blood withdrawal to demonstrate competency. Why would you assume a student MA (that isn't mandated to have any certification phlebotomist or otherwise) would be an accurate source? The board of nursing would notify nurses of a change in regulations just like RNs were notified they need organ donation CEUs.

There is no such law hence why you cannot find it.

Thanks! Just wanted to double check. My source is actually an xray tech who is going back to school, but getting her MA in the meantime to get extra work. She's always been very anal about the rules, so I looked into it. Glad to know I am not missing something!