what does a phlebotomist make?

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hi, I'm currently working as a CNA at a local nursing home. I will attend Lenape practical nursing school this coming march. Eventually I would like to get my BSN at least, maybe my msn too. Just not sure what I'm doing just yet. Anyway, the community college is offering phlebotomy in the fall. I would like to take the course so I can become a certified phlebotomist. But I don't want to do that if I won't be making equal or more pay then what I'm making now. I make roughly 11.25 with shift differential. I know phlebotomists have to travel a lot too. So is there anyone out there that knows how much a beginner would make in western pennsylvania? If so I would love to hear from you. Thanks:)

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Contact the local facilities Human Resources Dept. They should be able to give you a range of the start income.

Good luck!

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