Philly Vs. New Jersey


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My husband just took a new job in Philadelphia. I'm a couple months away from taking my ANCC exam. Looking at the job market, I'm wondering if it's better to work in New Jersey. The pay seems to be better and offers more independence as a NP. Can anyone offer any insight? Thanks!


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Philadelphia = higher cost of living. Also, a city wage tax. And their job market is tight (but then NJ isn't so much better).

If you're serious about NJ, I suggest start applying with all the paperwork. NJ is notoriously SLOW bureaucratically - but then, hey, this is Jersey!


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I have noticed there isn't many NP openings in either area...


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Numerous local schools churning out grads (and then add in on-line schools). Supply far outpacing demand for the limited positions avail.

You might also want to consider Delaware, altho their U of D has grad programs, too. Local travel not too bad thru tri-state. And Delaware has NO state sales tax!