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Phillipine Graduate Nurse Applying for Florida License

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Hi everyone! :nurse:

After going over to the FL BON website I still ended up having some questions about some things then I saw this website and thought I may get some help here:)

I would just like to ask about the steps on applying for a FL RN & it's requirements.

So far I've read about the need to have my credentials be evaluated by CGFNS, what I would like to ask about is that if

  1. I should process both application FL RN License & CG Evaluation at the same time or should I do the CGFNS first?
  2. Since I'm still awaiting for my prc license this feb, is it adisable to apply now for the evaluation or should i just wait for my results first?
  3. Would applying here in the Philippines be faster than doing it in the US (considering i had to contact my school and stuff)
  4. And the estimated waiting times for those applications (since I'm planning to go back to the US by June 2012)

**I'm a new grad just april of last year and still awaiting for my prc license this feb. If anyone out there have gone through the same process I did I hope you can help me out, coz I totally don't have any idea whatsoever about these things, it'll be of great help. Thank you!

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iamnomad has 5 years experience and specializes in Acute Care. ER. Aged Care/LTC. Psyche.

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You can process it simultaneously but be mindful that FL BON won't start the licensure process until they get the CGFNS CES. And also consider the "expiration dates" from the time you submitted your documents to FL BON. Sometimes it's only a year. So I would suggest that you do the CGFNS first. It takes about 4-6months depending on the volume of application and how fast your correspondence are.

I would wait for the result of the NLE, just to be sure that you already have a Phil. RN license (coz who knows).

On average, based on my experience (back in 2008, not in Florida btw), it took me 6 months from IELTS to CES to NCLEX.

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Silverdragon102 has 32 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

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It used to state on the Florida BON website not to send application until CES or other acceptable assessment was completed and sent to the BON

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Hi! Anyone out there who is a Filipino RN? Currently residing or working in FL

I would like to ask questions about initial registration in PRC and then CGFNS

I'm planning to to take the NCLEX in FL since I am leaving by the middle of this year.

Thank you!

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