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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania vs delaware. Labor and Delivery

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Hey all,

I've done a 1 year externship in L&D

2 years in ortho/med-surge as a RN, BSN up north

Now into my first year on a high risk L&D floor in the south.

We are moving again shortly due to my SO's job. He will be working in Chester, PA outside of Philly. And I will be looking for an Labor and delivery position in a few months between Philadelphia, PA to Newark- Wilmington, DE

Any advice on hospitals, Christiana health systems in DE, etc? Base pay/diff. Or even safe neighborhoods to live in?

All advice is helpful and appreciated.


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amoLucia specializes in LTC.

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To be honest, I think you're in for a search. Philadelphia is major metropolis area with a quite significant number of schools churning out students. And with the proximity of New Jersey nurses crossing over to the state further complicates the search.

Delaware is a great little state, but they're close to Philly also, so those Pennsylvania grads look to DE. Northern DE has its number of schools too.

You have experience so that helps, but even experienced nurses are looking. Might you consider expanding your search more westernly in PA? Or into NJ as you are close also? But NJ nurses are searching too.

Start your search ASAP. Good luck.

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