phd programs with anesthesia focus?

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Does anyone know of research programs that actually focus on anesthesia? I have looked at nursing obstructions programs, and am amazed out how many don't cover clinical research or very little practice focus research. A few phd nurses I know tell me clinical research isn't really in the field of nursing. NP's and CRNA's, and all other clinical specialties are involved in diagnosis, treatment, drug prescriptions, drug administration, etc. Why would more programs not focus on the more clinically applicable research. I have found a couple of programs that do research I find interesting, but I don't like their location and their tuition would be over 100 k. My in state universities focus on things that aren't applicable in anesthesia at all. Any CRNA phd's with any suggestions? I have started a DNP program, but would love a more research focus program. I am much more interested in being able to directly apply research to improve clinical practice.


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The research skills you would learn in a PhD program would apply to any type of research. Maybe you would need to participate in a faculty research focus that you don't find particularlly applicable while in the PhD program, but once you complete the degree you can focus on whatever you want. VCU has a PhD in Nurse Anesthesia, but it is less over 100k, so maybe that's one you are referring to.


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I have read/heard good things about VCU and distance learning modules with occasional on campus requirements may be a good option.