PHCC Taking Prereqs...any advice?


Hello all!!! I will begin taking prerequisites for the Nursing Program this summer. I have registered for the Nutrition course and the computer course. I previous have taken Psychology, and will be taking A&P along with the lab in the fall. Since I will be completing the prerequisite this upcoming Fall I won't be able to apply for the Spring, but will have to apply in Fall 2015. Anyone else taking prerequisites? I'm also studying for the TEAS test. I'm excited for all that is to come!


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Bummer you can't apply for spring; I know many programs here in CA will allow you to have a certain number of outstanding classes so that you can apply the semester before the program begins (and, of course, acceptance is contingent upon you doing well in those courses). Good luck with your classes, TEAS, and acceptance!

Also, just a friendly heads up, you may want to change your pic and screen name to something more anonymous. You never know who (instructors, managers, etc) you may encounter here, and it wouldn't be good to end up venting one day and have the wrong person see it! This is for our protection. :) (see the terms of service, it's all in there, too)

I'm cautious of what I put on social media :) thanks for the concern and advice!

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I would check into that. My program allowed me to apply for this fall in the spring and I won't have all of my prereq courses done until the end of summer. The only requirement was I have the 4 they consider done by the end of this semester. You will have to sit a semester out then. That doesn't make sense.

Yeah, I've looked into it and just met with an advisor a couple of days ago. All prereqs must be complete before I can submit the application. I'm okay with it. It gives me a semester to take some of the other required courses that aren't prereqs. It also give me more time to study for the TEAS test.

My program is the same way. I'll be applying in the Spring for the Fall.


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I'm in the same boat - All I need is Anatomy, which I'll take this Fall, but the deadline for Spring will be before it's done (September I believe). So, I'll be applying for Fall 2015 too :)


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Hello all. I also plan on applying for the fall 2015 RN program. I only have 2 pre reqs left, A&P I and Nutrition.