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If you are willing, would you please post your GPA (pre-req GPA is what is used, right?) If I get A's in A&P, the lab and CGS, I will still only have a 3.7 since I got a B- in Psych, which at my old school, was 4 credits. Ugh. So I am debating about whether to re-take psych to try and get a 4.0. (I got an A in HUN)

I'm pretty sure with enough studying, I will ace the TEAS. But the GPA is what is getting me. Who knew it would be this competitive?!?!? (Obviously, not me!)

Thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks in advance,



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Nobody? :-(


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Hi Chris,

my gpa is 3.7 and had almost all B's for my pre-reqs. I applied 3 times before i finally got into the RN for jan10. but this time i did really good on the NET so i believe that is what ultimately got me in.


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prereqs GPA 3.62

Net Reading 82

There are so many variables to PHCC's acceptance process. There is more to it then just GPA and NET reading score like the website says. This is my second time applying. I dont think anyone knows for sure how people are picked. Do not give up hope and continue to keep applying.


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Ha!!!! Guess A&P I has dropped me down a peg or two! "Oh hey reality! Didn't see you there!" :eek:

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