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Phat cash to help nursing students

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Gov. Jennifer Granholm's administration is awarding about $5 million to nine nursing schools and two hospitals as part of the Michigan Nursing Corps program. It's designed to add nurses in the face of a looming labor shortage.

The money comes from the Energy, Labor and Economic Growth Department and the Community Health Department.

The state said this month the continued funding for the Michigan Nursing Corps will produce about 61 new classroom faculty and 14 new clinical instructors in 12 to 15 months.

It says that will add training spots for 610 nursing 156 clinical education students.

The awards include $1.8 million to Wayne State, $1.1 million to Michigan State and $635,000 to Eastern Michigan universities.


Here's hoping that it will be a little "easier" for us to get accepted! To those who didn't get accepted this fall - stay strong! Our time is here! :yeah:

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Yes, more money is good, but I am surprised that there was no money for two-year colleges, such as I attend. It seems to me that if the nursing shortage is truly a priority, then the places that can turn out qualified nurse within two years should get money as much as the places that turn out nurses within four years.

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