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pharmo flash cards

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As a medical student, we use flash cards to memorize what we need to know for Pharmacology. My cousin is about to finish her 2nd year at her nursing school and asked me for some help in pharmacology. I was wondering if someone here could recommend what they think is the best resource for pharmacology for nursing students. If there are specific flash cards that nurses use, please let me know, I'll be very grateful. I know there are many things that can be found on the internet, but I'd like some recommendations on what is good before making any purchase.

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there is a sticky thread

ultimately, for us, we need to know why we are giving something, the normal dose, side effects and there are certain drugs that cause very specific complications that we need to know, i.e., overdose of potassium causes heart block and death, gentamycin is ototoxic, too much heparin results in hemorrhage. that kind of stuff is on the state board exams. she will need to check with her instructors to find out what they will want her to know. she should purchase a nursing drug reference book.

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I use Davis' pharm phlash while in nursing school. They are thicker, nicer than just the flimsy paper ones & give you important patient education, administration tips..etc. but no doses. I have the Davis Springfield 2009 Pharm book & it is very helpful & has dosage as well.

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The company that makes RnNotes also makes a pharmacology. It is for visual learners and focuses on the category. Great for beginners.

thanks for that tip Brenda!

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