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pharmacology requirements for ANCC re- certification

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it has been almost one year since I have become certified as an FNP. I cannot believe it....!!!! Slowly getting used to my "fate" as an NP in family practice, LOL! Luckily, I can use Uptodate for all my NON-PHARM CMEs but what about 75 hrs of PHARM CMEs????

Does any one have suggestions re: how to obtain it (Hopefully without paying $$$)? I have seen ANCC offering webinars for above that cost about $150, but i have maxed out my $ for CMEs allowance at work, and, being a cheapskate, I do not want to pay out of pocket.

Many Thanks in advance!

I had to do pharm CME just to test for ancc because it had been too long since I had my pharm class. I too am a cheapskate and just googled the heck out pharm cme's and was able to complete 75 (i think) without paying a dime. It took some effort but its possible. There was no one place that i went to for all of them just a few here and there. Wish i could remember exactly which websites I went to but it was a few years ago. Just wanted to let you know it is possible.


I am going to begin next month the NP program and i need some help with the books please.


Has 1 years experience.

Thank you! If you happen to recall any particular sites, pls let me know!