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I have spent the last 3 hours typing up my notes on drugs that affect the central nervous system. I was so worried about how I was going to remember everything. Well two good things came out of typing my notes 1) I am starting to get a lot of the information down and into my mind, 2) It now does not seem so overwhelming to study now. My instructors notes were 24 pages long on Central nervous system. I got them down to only 8 pages and I included everything the instructor had I left nothing out. See my instructor use powerpoint slides so their were little power point slides on the pages that took up a lot of space. I simply typed and separated into drug classification and then talked about the classification and each type. I feel 100% confident that I will do well on this test. I am working on my test anxiety so that way I will not have my test anxiety problem on the test. If I am anxious it will not be to the point where my heart is racing, I have butterflies in my stomach and feel like I will pass out.

Well got to get back to studying now.

Take care.


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I have found that typing my notes from class helps me to remember some of this stuff. I have also taken notes in class, then listened to the tape of the lecture later, with my notes, and found that I miss a lot in class while I am taking notes. I always get something else out of the lecture while listening to it again.

Good for you, finding something that works that well for you! Good luck!


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