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Pharmacology Help


I am currently in my first semester of nursing school, and my school decided to add Introduction to Pharmacology. The class has not been taught as a full class before. It was a rough start of the semester. The teacher had a hard time getting online materials to us in time for class or even unable to post things. The class is one day a week, which is ridiculous. We have an exam every week as well. Our teacher would focus on actual drugs throughout lecture, and we were expected to know them. She would post study outlines two days before the exam. It was very frustrating. Every week the exam was different formats that we didn't know until right before the exams. Then, she found out the textbook we were using were for like a 2nd or 3rd year BSN student. And now she is focusing the class on a more general term, that we just know things related to classifications.

She gave us a list of at least 37 drug classifications. We have to know a few types of things for each classification. And we made charts in our own time. At this point in the semester, it's more of memorizing than actually learning--and I have no idea how to memorize these certain things with this many drug classes. I am very frustrated with the class, and I need to raise my grade. Any help would be appreciated!!