Pharmacology in December


I just finished my first quarter of NS. I did very well, 3 A's and a B. Next quarter we have pharmacology and Adult Nursing II. I kind of know what to expect from Adult Nursing because it's the same book but different instructor. What should I expect from pharmacology? This is the first year of a 2 yr RN program and we will have another pharmacology class next year. I guess this class focuses on the LPN.

I'm trying to look through my textbook but I don't quite know what to look for. And what kind of study guide should I get? Saunder's Review is what helped me so much in Adult Nursing but I don't know how much it will help for Pharmacology.

Specializes in SRNA. Has 13 years experience.

Can you contact the Prof. and get a copy of the syllabus in advance? If so, you can get a head start on any required reading and this may be able to clarify what the expectations are for the course content.

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