Pharm 1&2

Nursing Students LPN/LVN Students


What is the best way to approach this class. How to study, and materials that you can buy to help. I'm most worried about these classes because of so much to learn in one class. What the meds are, what they do, how they interact with each other, and what are the side effects. Thanks for the help.

Any good books I can buy to help?

Have you started yet? Our teacher broke the meds up into groups so you learned what the group did, side effects, interactions, teaching, ect then we learned a list of meds in that category. Then if there was a med in that group that was very different or had something super important about it we learned that. It made it easier learning a category rather than every single drug.

OH I bought pharmacology made incredibly easy. There are also tons of online flashcards. An NCLEX book I bought had a chapter called pharm in a nutshell too.

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