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Petition for Declatory Order

by KaraFutureRN KaraFutureRN (New) New

Hello! I am new the forum, so I hope I'm doing all of this correctly. I just wanted some advice or stories from anyone who may have gone through something similar. I am a 33 year old, engaged, mother and nursing major. I am supposed to apply this semester to hopefully start the program in the fall of 2015. I had to send a Petition for a Declatory Order for approval for future licensure and to sit for the NCLEX in the future, to the Texas Board of Nursing due to some old charges I had. I had 3 alcohol related charges from my 20's when I was a party girl and my life was completely different. My charges were a public intoxication, an assault, and a DWI.....this is so embarrassing. Anyway, I sent in all necessary paperwork to the board on November 19th. Surprisingly, I heard back very quickly on December 19th, stating they were sending my case to the Enforcement Delartment for further investigation, which I expected. I heard back from them last week telling me that I would have to have a chemical dependency evaluation done by a board approved evaluator. I understand why, but it is a little defeating bc I am not at all dependent on alcohol or anything for that matter. I was just a dumb, wild girl partier and my life has done a 180. I have already set up the evaluation so hopefully this last step can get underway. I'm trying to be positive and tell myself that the evaluator will tell the board I am not dependent and they will have nothing else to investigate and no reason to deny me future licensure. I also don't know if they look at this, but I have a 3.78 GPA, all A's and perfect attendance. I just pray my dumb decisions back when do not keep me from my dream of being a nurse. I'm constantly worried and can't get my mind off of it. Has anyone else been through something like this?

Thank you for any input and/or shared stories!