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PETH testing while on probation in California


Hi all,

So more and more I'm hearing stories on this board of people on probation in California being called in for PETH testing as part of the random drug screens. I brought up this topic at my Nurse Support Group, and while no one in the group has been selected for a PETH test, our group leader did say she had heard the BON was starting to include this test but didn't know the frequency.

Wondering from some of the more experienced members of the group if they've had to PETH test and if so how often. I know this test can run upwards of $100, which to me is insane considering at the rate I'm being tested right now, that can easily run up a bill between 300-400 bucks a month between collection and lab fees.

Over the last 6 months, I find I'm constantly running down to my last $20 bucks before payday, sometimes not even that, and I was hoping at some point the cost of all this would start going down. I'm in a better position than most, no kids, roommates to share the cost of rent...but still, I switched from a screenwriting major in college to nursing so that I wouldn't have to go through this struggle all the time. Now I'm starting to think I made a mistake, at least I could be starving and happy right now instead of starving and miserable.

Anyway, next month marks my 6 month on probation, which means my boss only has to report quarterly now and I'm hoping my board monitor will start ok'ing some overtime as it'd be nice not to have to stress out so much about finances. I had to change my brake pads this week so I'm literally eating ramen for the next four days until payday and praying I don't get called in to test. When I said I missed college this is not what I meant.