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are there any suggestions for me. I want to get involved with hospice without leaving my current job. I currently work double weekends as an lvn and I am starting school back up this fall.

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Sorry, had to totally redo my post, didn't realize you were an LPN, not an RN.

You could pick up some fee for visit hours, but most agencies would like prior Hospice experience. As an LPN, you would not do Case Management, but you might be required to come to the Interdisciplinary Team Meeting held every 14 days. Depending on the size of the agency, they can last several hours.

Remember, many Hospice patients are fragile, and you can't just leave because you have a class to attend, or another job to get to. I've had many visits that I thought were going to be 30 minutes last 2 hours.

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Hospice can be demanding and rewarding at the same time. The days are unpredictable like many other areas in nursing. Like the previous poster stated, some visits can take a lot longer than expected. Just please keep that in mind, especially if you are working on a day you have classes.

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