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Hello :nurse::nurse:

I'm just after a little bit of advice. I'm trying to write my personal statement for a neonatal nurse position. I really really really want this job. And since I'm an Adult Nurse and the job description is for Child I feel like I really need to sell myself.

It's already a pretty wordy statement (hope they don't fall asleep!!) But I was thinking of mentioning some current research or guidelines, such as something recent from DOH or NICE which is directly related to neonatal care. It'd just be a passing comment like 'I'd like to see how guidelines such as (insert guideline here) affect practice'.

Really it's just to show that I'm interested in current happenings.

Too much, a little off topic?? Should I just stick to why I want to work there etc.. I don't want to bore them :sstrs:

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I take it your applying through the NHS jobs website, so I'm guessing your talking about the reasons for applications and suitability for the post.

I would look at the job description and pick out the key points, and the personal specifications and indicate how you meet these elements to make you suitable for the role. I wouldn't necessarily mention strategic papers at this point unless it's to demonstrate that you've read and are up to date with the current requirements.

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Good point. Thank you very much for the feedback =]

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your very welcome

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