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I would like to thank Brian for giving me permission to post this message in deference to the TOS. This is a NON COMMERCIAL study for my Masters, and as such, I have been given permission to post it this one time.

This message is only for SRNAs actively enrolled in a CRNA education program.

I have mentioned my research project in the past, and now I am actively promoting it. I have begun collecting email contacts for SRNAs in all of the programs across the country. Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for you, most programs will not give me your email addresses due to privacy concerns. So I need your help. I need all SRNAs who read this forum to go to my website, and volunteer your contact information, and agree to participate in my study.

Some of you may have received an invitation to participate from your program directors. Please respond, and encourage your classmates to respond as well.

Visit my website ( ) and click the link to donate your email address. Please only do this if you are an active SRNA.

The following is our letter of invitation, currently being forwarded by program directors, on our behalf.

Thank you for your time.

Craig Copelin, SRNA

Dear SRNA,

We are three SRNAs from Georgetown University, who are conducting a descriptive study on the factors that influenced you during program selection. We are writing to obtain your participation in very meaningful research that could impact the quality of CRNA education nationwide. We intend to survey the entire U.S. population of SRNAs and publish our results in a national journal.

The benefits of this study are threefold:

1. Provide data to evaluate the program characteristics and recruitment strategies at your school.

2. Provide important demographic data on the current SRNA population.

3. Document the importance of conducting research on the desires and perspectives of SRNAs.

All contact information will only be used for the purposes of this study. Additionally, all information will be treated with the utmost security and confidentiality. Our privacy policy will be available at the survey website. The first contact will be sent out on August 15th and include a link to the survey. The initial and subsequent emails will include our consent form as well. "Reminder" emails will be sent out after two and three weeks. After three weeks, contact will discontinue. The contact information will not be shared with any third party.

In order to submit your email address and agree to participate in the study, point your browser to and click on SRNA Survey sign up link.

Once again, thank you for supporting nursing research. We look forward to sharing results that will shape recruitment strategies of all nurse anesthetist programs.


Craig E. Copelin RN, BSN

Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Program

James G. Hilliard RN, BSN

Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Program

Shannon M. Seifert RN, BSN

Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Program


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Good luck on your study (from an old GUNS grad!)!!


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Thank you to everyone already responding. Please encourage your classmates to respond as well.



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This is the last request for volunteers through this venue.

If you have responded. thank you very much, you will hear from me soon. If you have not volunteered your address, please consider doing so.

Again, thank you all.


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