Personal References - HELP!


So I'm working on my application for the Navy. I need three personal references. I can get people at my work to do this (managers, educators, clinical specialists...etc). The information packet provided by my recruiter mentions in addition professors, community leaders, etc. The truth is, I've been out of school for two years and the college I went to has a high turnover for educators. Plus, I was so busy working full time and just trying to get all of my school work done that I didn't spend much time getting to know my professors. I didn't suck up like some students did. What do I do in this situation??? Would my work references be enough??? They are the ones who know me best besides family members.

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I would think that because you've been out of school for over two years that managers, educators, etc would be better bets anyway. Professors are good if you are still in school and have no experience. That's just my opinion. As long as your LORs speak highly of you that's all that matters. I did have one professor fill out a LOR for me (even though I've been out of school for awhile) but I did it because she knows me well as a student and as a nurse.

Good luck with you application!

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