Peripheral Neuropathies



I am a nursing student right now, with mild peripheral neuropathies. I am struggling with finding pules too. I have bought my own doppler so that i am able to find them. The school i am attending right now is trying to kick me out saying it is un safe practice. Any suggestions or thought about me being a nurse. I am ready to fight this all the way. My mother is a nurse as well and does not feel this is unsafe practice. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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Is the school aware of your condition? According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, they are required to provide reasonable accommodations for your limitations. If they are trying to "kick you out" of school because of this condition and for no other reason, they MAY be in violation of the law.

I know you aren't asking for legal advice here---and we could not give it anyway---but you might need to seek some if this is your situation.


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yes the school is aware of the condition. this is the only reason they are trying to kick me out. i am trying to get legal help, but in the mean time am looking for any other advise i can get. they are now asking for more info as well as a update work up for a neurologist. i am not sure why they would need this it doesn't make a difference. anyways they are trying to tell me that a doppler is not a reasonably accommodation. they are saying that is un safe practice.


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You need to talk to an attorney. I'd also look up your state's Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation/Rehabilitation Services Commission. It sounds as though you would qualify for their services and their people can be very helpful in negotiating/disputing with schools and employers over such issues.

Best of luck to you!