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Serious question to all male caregivers/ nurses.

I'm a "mom"--my son (caregiver/ in nursing school) came home from work telling me about an unusual event at work. A male RN told him that he, "used a special cocktail" for pericare on male patients..Chlorhexidene, rinse-free shampoo....and mint mouthwash.

The item of concern is the mouthwash.

Any insight as to why this might be used?


Thank you..I appreciate it very much.

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Maybe he mixed some mint mouthwash for the smell? Or maybe the RN was just telling him the supplies he grabs in total for a full cleaning of the patient. I've come across some really nasty pericare and smells but never had to use mint mouthwash. If it's an odor issue, baby powder/fungal powder and/or odor remover sprays from the supplies usually does the trick. 

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Thank you for your reply--I know that this was a very odd / atypical question.

I appreciate the insight.


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