percussion and vibration used in ICU bed


I am working on a evidence based practice project at my hosputal. We currently have ICU beds made by hill rom that offer customizable vibration and percussion treatments to our patients. I have reached out to hill rom already for journals supporting the use of this therapy... I'm wondering if anyone works at a hospital that has a protocol in place for this therapy. We currently do not and it is up to the nurse's discretion whether or not to use the treatment on their patient. It appears to be a underutilized tool and it would help to see what other hospitals are doing. Any input is appreciated!

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We use the percussion/vibration in the bed instead of vest therapy if we have modules available for the bed the patient is in that support it. We have more beds than modules, unfortunately. Usually it isn't something nurses mess with - RT handles it, and they often do it q4h when it is ordered.

It is much easier to use the bed than the get the vest positioned right, especially if the patient is obese and unconscious.


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Do you happen to have a protocol?


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Nurses and rt's used the bed percussion and vibration if there was no order, and RT used the best when an order was present. I don't recall there being a specific protocol in place