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I am an LVN in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas and just accepted a per diem position with Nursefinders Home Health. I am only needing part time hours for the summer. They offered me 28.00 per visit, .32 cents per mile, I of course choose the days I work. They will try to keep me close to home if possible. They also have shift work available 21.00- 23.00 per hr. depending on the level of care (mainly pedi, which I have very little exp. in). I worked as a permanent full-time emp. of a HH Care company in Ft. Worth making 17.00 per hr., .32 per mile. To me, the pay was to low for all the driving, etc. Is the per visit rate they are going to pay me a good rate? Has anyone worked for Nursefinders Home Health?:nurse:


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from my perspective, i think it's pretty good. im an "internal" HH employee and i work as an RN clinical supervisor. when i was part time i was paid well with no reimbursement for gas/mileage. now i am full-time/salary and get on 10cents/mile but a $70/week gas allowance, so i guess it evens out. but i know the "external" staff that does the shift work does NOT get a lot of money. they are mostly LPNs, but our pediatric cases are Medicaid and the pay is peanuts. they don't usually complain but the families sometimes wish their nurses could get more money! but those rates you are talking about sound pretty good, its basically what I was making as an RN in a few large Ohio teaching hospitals. i hope that helps!:wink2:


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From my perspective that's a good per visit rate for LVN. I was offered $25 per visit with no mileage reimbursement by one of my agencies. The hourly rate is also good. Where I am now the average range is from $17 to $22 an hour but nobody wants to pay the higher rate and one employer offered $16 an hour, a $2 to $6 an hour cut for me, depending on which previous employer you compare it to. Currently, one of my employers pays me $19 hourly and the other pays $18 hourly. No progress after eight years.

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