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Pensacola State College LPN Program

by alexisg96 alexisg96 (New) New

Is anyone applying for the 2021 LPN program at PSC or has anyone done the LPN program at PSC? When do you usually get an acceptance letter? Do they only accept so many people each year? All my requirements have been met I am just anxiously waiting to see if I'm accepted.


Did anyone ever respond ? Did you get accepted ?


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I'd consider applying to UWF. PSC has a great deal of turnovers with instructors and problems maintaining curriculum.

@Gracie Bellone I have not heard anything yet. I sent an email today asking if there are still seats available for the 2021 program. Hopefully someone tells me what's going on and I can find out if I'll be getting a letter at all or if the program is filled - I have talked too a few other people who did the LPN program there and a lot of them said they didn't receive their acceptance letters until December time. So hopefully if anything I hear something by then.


@cyc0sys UWF is a little too expensive for me so that's why I am pushing for one of the PSC programs. I have heard that PSC does have a lot of turnovers with staff as well. Good luck! 

Yes! I meant to post last week but I forgot. I got my acceptance letter Nov 16 for LPN. Are you waiting for an acceptance letter?