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Pennsylvania Prison Privatization Will It Happen?


I have been waiting in the dark for last year if my state prison will privatize medical or not! I came to start for retirement and benefits. I have almost 15 years of service,and wonder if I can kiss those years down the tubes? Corizon has the current vendor contract,and the governor has came back with a 2nd round of bids. The new budget of July 1st is right around the corner,and alot of us are scared! Will the new company hire us and keep our current wages? We are going through many motions,rumors,and the usual round of emotions. We have so many questions if this goes thorugh? Will our wonderful unions we paid dues to for many years,fight with us till the end? The sad thing is that this is the best paying job in my rural area,and really don't want to return to long term care! That is what the LPN does in my area. Any inspiration or advice, please shine some sunshine I could use it!

The Beagle


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Hi Beagle. I wish I had some good advice for you. I actually have tried to get into a state position in corrections or veteran's hospital, but there is a waiting list and I am pretty far down on the list. I had never thought of this type of problem affecting a state prison. I am sorry to hear about your situation; it must be very stressful :( What area of PA do you live in? Maybe you should look into home health nursing if you don't like LTC.

I moved to PA from NC last year. NC experimented with "privatizing" prisons several years ago and it was a bad experience -- the state ended up abruptly cancelling the contract with the private company because the conditions in the prisons involved in the pilot program were so bad. I hope that PA is not going to go down this road ...