Williamsport, Pa anyone??/

  1. please talk to me!
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  3. by   nancykday
    I live in Montoursville and work in corrections.
  4. by   TRAMA1RN
    I work in ER in williamsport
  5. by   Brad_RN_Student_PA
    Thats cool. How do you like corrections? I may be interested in that in a little while, if things don't work out in the hospital. I am considering getting my CRNP, but perhaps not??? I just did a corrections clinical rotation today, in Houtzdale....wasn't too bad, not as hectic as the hospital....and those STATE BENEFITS!!!!
  6. by   nancykday
    Can't beat the state benefits, you can get a full retirement with healthcare after 20 years and age 50, if you work corrections. I love corrections worked 20 years in ICU prior to trying corrections. Have worked for the DOC 10 years. Never a dull minute. Intresting job Great benefits! Be happy to talk to you sometime about corrections

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