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Hello... I've just been accepted into West Penn's program for fall of '07. :hatparty: Naturally I'm very excited but I was wondering if there are any fellow students there, or how West Penn is in... Read More

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    Thanks Shamira,

    I'm curious just for curiosity sake, who in your opinion are the "best" SON's in Pittsburgh? I did previously read your take on UPMC Maggie (I'm finding there's not a lot of high response rate on the Pa board so I'll search out posts with "west penn"!) I found that to be very interesting. I understand this is from your perspective...others may have theirs, but I was just curious as to who you thought was the best...and perhaps where the others fell such as OVGH or Sewickley. I figured UPMC Shadyside was top notch..but I want nothing to do with a UPMC facility, personal choice. Plus I am interested in possibly pursuing the burn unit route, although I'm aware nothing is definitive until I actually go through clinicals as to what I may or may not like.

    I'm also aware of who's affiliated with who I've done my homework! (i.e. WP/clarion) I was interested in Mercy/Carlow connection until UPMC stepped in. I was also interested in the Duquense 4 year program...but the money was insane, I'm sure the education would be great, but then maybe not, I've also heard hospital diploma programs are better than strictly universities b/c of the hands on training vs class room even though the latter does of course have clinical time. Anyway I was just curious on more of your thoughts if you'd like to share.

    Thanks much and to anyone else that may have an opinion on the schools/hospitals in the area.
    I went to Duquesne. I know it is expensive, but have you actually applied to see what they might offer you in the way of aid? For me, it didn't end up being much more than Pitt would've been. You do get more clinical time in the diploma programs but you'd still get a great education at Duquesne.
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    I too have been accepted into the Fall of 2007 class. I am a single mom raising a 5yo son. I am nervous and excited..! I chose WP because after being out of school for so long, I wanted something smaller.. I did not want to feel intimidated.. I do plan on going forward for a BSN at some point, but, for now a diploma works..

    More feedback would be great! Just so I know ... never hurts!

    Helen, I received your reply and have some encouragement for you. As, stated before, it is hard and long, trying to manage a life change and raise a child that has no concept of time. I went to school when my daughters were 1y.o. Keep focused, study. there will be plenty of time to party and relax when your done (with more money) Best of luck. Let me know how you are doing over time. Pawashrn
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    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Like I said, I am a bit nervous and scared... A lot of it is the typical mom worry of 'Will I fit it all in?'

    Thanks again..