Villanova's BSNExpress, Drexel's ACE, or Jefferson's FACT? - page 2

Hello All! Villanova's BSNExpress, Drexel's ACE, or Jefferson's FACT? Does anyone have opinions as to which accelerated nursing program is best? Personal experiences? Rumors? ANYTHING???... Read More

  1. by   gouranga
    D'oh! Thanks for explaining.
  2. by   BGsparkle82
    Hello guys,

    I know than it has been a while but I was wondering if it was easier to find jobs after graduating Jefferson. I went to their open house the other month and they told me that they don't offer a job lined up for you. What experience do you have with that issue.
    Please help. Thanks
  3. by   JennyFields
    Villanova and Jefferson's FACT are the two I'm giving the most thought to applying. With Jefferson, it seems like you'd be in a better starting position for a job since they are attached to an actual hospital, whereas Villanova isn't. Though, not everyone's going to be working where they went to school, so that might not be the advantage it seems. Villanova's a bit more appeal BECAUSE of the extra two months it takes as well as having pathophysiology as a pre-requisite instead of a separate class during the program. Seems more do-able, whereas Jefferson seems more break neck. Not trying to get it easy, just trying to set myself up to succeed.

    Is Villanova way outside Philadelphia proper? I know the miles, but in terms of integration with the city culture and major medical centers. Jefferson seems more centrally located with clinicals, classes and where you'd live in more convenient proximity. It is hard to get a sense of a city when you're not living in it.