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Hey everyone! I just got my acceptance today for Villanova University's BSNExpress program that begins May 2010! :yeah:I was just wondering if anyone else on here will be in that program as well. I... Read More

  1. by   irish888
    I have my interview with Villanova in a few weeks and was wondering how it went?? What type of questions did they ask you?? I appreciate any information you could give me!
  2. by   andreiasab
    I have just been contacted to have an not sure how it is in person or over the phone? so snervous...any tips
  3. by   blondiemcd24

    I wouldn't be worried. It was very informal and more of a "getting to know you" meeting and discussion of the program. You will do great!
  4. by   mona82

    I have my interview this Monday, would you tell me a little about how was your interview please if you don't mind me asking. I heard it's not formal!! I just didn't know what type of questions they're gona ask me. Was there any ? about current health care policies? or your fav book? things like that?

    Thank you so much
  5. by   mona82
    Did anyone got into Villanova BSNExpress program? I had my interview Oct 12th, can't wait to see if I get in or not. Does anyone know when should I expect a letter from them? I really wana get in that program!

  6. by   pamkc12
    I had my interview at the end of August. I thought it went really well, but I still haven't heard anything! At the time of the interview they told me I would not know until December! I hate all this waiting. And now, applying to Jefferson FACT I am feeling discouraged. Everything seems so competitive. Anxious to hear something!
  7. by   mona82
    I know, me too. I don't understand why we have to wait this long esp when the program starts in May. Where is Jefferson?
  8. by   mona82
    Have you apply for the scholorship?
  9. by   pamkc12
    Thomas Jefferson University is in center city Philadelphia. They also have an accelerated program.

    She had told me at the interview that they wait until the deadline so that all applicants have a chance. Then the committee gets together and decides. I think the deadline was like October 15th? So you would think they would be making some decisions soon.
  10. by   mona82
    Do you know when is the deadline for Jefferson University? I havn't got to any program yet, I'm getting very nervous .
  11. by   pamkc12
    I got the email about the scholarship, but I haven't applied yet. I've been so busy... hopefully I can get that done this week since the deadline is November 1.
  12. by   pamkc12
    Jefferson has four review periods: The first deadline was 09/15, second 10/31, third is 11/30 and final is 02/15. But, I'm hearing that they pretty much fill up by the end of the year if not sooner. Sending my application next week as soon as my recommendations get back to me. Hmmm... I guess I underestimated how difficult this was going to be.
  13. by   mona82
    Thank you so much, I just checked their website. But they only have the express program for people who want to get their Master in nursing. Also, require to take a test too before applying. I just wana get my BSN and then apply for CRNA. I don't really have time to study for a test right now, I work about 65 hours per week