UPMC Shadyside 3 East

  1. Does anyone know what type of unit this is? Do you have any information about it? Thanks!
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  3. by   2BRN123
    Family Medicine Teaching Service
    During this rotation, residents will evaluate and care for patients admitted by private medicine family physicians. At the time of admission, the team of residents determines whether a patient is placed on the teaching service. This helps ensure that a wide variety of patients and illnesses are seen and managed by each resident.

    Residents at UPMC Shadyside are proud that they are able to follow patients on any unit in the hospital. For example, when their patients whom they follow at the Family Health Center are admitted or transferred to an intensive care unit, they will continue to be followed by the same residents.

    Another special feature is our Family Medicine Unit (3 East). This floor is dedicated to the Family Medicine teaching service and Family Health Center service. Because the majority of patients are admitted to this floor and 4-East, residents enjoy efficient rounding and a team approach develops between the attending physicians, residents, case coordinators, and nurses. The floor includes 23 patient beds, 16 of which can be monitored beds. The goal of this unit is to provide cohesive care to family medicine patients, in a setting that promotes learning and teamwork among all involved.

    it appears to be family medicine