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  1. Hi, I would like to enroll in UPMC Mercy School or Nursing and one of the first steps in the admission process is to take the TEAS entrance exam. I am scheduling my test today to start school fall 2017. Has anyone taken this exam? Is it hard, and what does the exam cover? What should I focus on studying on to make sure I pass? I really want to get accepted into this program, so honestly ANY advice to get accepted will help me!

    thank you so much!
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  3. by   TheNurse0847
    I have the same question! I saw Chatham has a program to help you prepare for the TEAS. However, I most likely will be applying for Fall 2018
  4. by   symelynn
    Hi I took my teas exam a few days ago and passed with a decent score. i would recommend buying the online study test from ATIs website along with the Mometrix ati secrets ( i believe that's the name of it) they were very helpful. Science was the hardest section so study for that like your life depends on it! TEAS 6 Advice (Questions Welcome) this link helped me to focus on the specifics i needed to study. I hope this was helpful
  5. by   symelynn
    @Thenurse0847 Hi i signed up for that program through Chatham and it was a huge waste of time and money. the class revolved around us discussing what works for us when studying and posting links we found helpful, all of which you can find simply when studying on your own. However it is a nice way to network with your potential classmate.
  6. by   Sara_Ashley
    Hello, I am Sara. I was accepted into UPMC Mercy School of Nursing for Fall 2017. I took the teas, I scored a 71. They don't really pay much attention to prior GPA's, as long as you score above a 58 on the TEAS its pretty much a guaranteed admission. I chose Mercy over anything else because it is a Level 1 Trauma Hospital. Your clinical rotations are done at Mercy except for OB/GYN (Magee) and Pediatrics (Children's). I have seen other students from Shadyside Hospital state that their clinical rotations are done at a wide variety of hospitals, which I didn't like. Parking I hear can be bit of a pain in Shadyside. A typical schedule is M-F. I know in your first semester you will only have 1 clinical day which you will have to be there EARLY. Now keep in mind that your schedule and clinical days do change as you advance in the program. If you start Mercy in advanced standing, meaning your non-nursing courses are complete and accepted, then you will not be there 5 days a week. Mercy only has Fall start dates. My cousin graduated from Mercy 2-3 years ago, she loved it. She is now working on her BSN. If you have any other questions let me know.
  7. by   Kaytee12
    How about admission? How long after you took your test we're you accepted into the program? I took my teas and scored the same as you! I was told I may not get into the spring 2018 Shadyside due to an influx of applicants for the fall 2017 Shadyside program. Let me know what you think?
  8. by   Brinkley88
    I am an old Mercy grad - 1985 - highly recommend! I am always proud to say that. Those from Pgh area will recognize that you have excellent training. Still working after 30 years.
  9. by   mitcheml98
    I'm applying for UPMC Mercy Fall 2018! Do you have any tips for taking the TEAS, I'm taking it next month. Did you get accepted/ attending? Any helpful tips for applying? Thanks!!