The Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners

  1. The Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners is the professional organization representing the 6,000 NPs in Pennsylvania.

    The Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioner's (PCNP) was formed in the early 80's by three nurse practitioners. They first met to discuss issues affecting NPs. The goal was to be proactive rather than reactive to issues affecting NPs and the citizens of the Commonwealth of PA. These NPs represented several regional groups across Pennsylvania. In February of 1996 there were seven regional groups and in 2005 there are seventeen regional groups, with more in the process of forming. In November 2003, PCNP incorporated as a member-based organization. Members of the regional groups are also members of the state organization (PCNP). There are also members-at-large, who do not belong to a particular regional group. The current regional groups include: Berks, Blair Regional, Bucks/Mont, Central PA, Ches/Mont, DEL VAL NAPNAP, Greater Susquehanna Valley, Lancaster, Laurel Highlands, Lehigh Valley, Mid-State, Monroe, Northeastern PA, Northwestern PA, Philadelphia, Pine Creek, Southern Chester County, Southwestern PA, Tri County, and Three Rivers NAPNAP. The regional groups have their own officers and conduct meetings in their areas. In addition to the PCNP officers, a member from each regional group sits on the Executive Board of PCNP.

    Through the early years, representatives of these NP groups met to discuss and remove barriers to NP practice. Some of PCNP's accomplishments to date are:
    • Prescriptive authority was obtained in 2000
    • Sole regulation by the Board of Nursing in 2002
    • Clarification of DOH regulations permitting written and oral orders in hospitals by CRNP
    • Signatory authority for disability plates and placards in 2004
    • Resolution of the inability to have a collaborative agreement for prescribing with an osteopathic physician in 2005
    • Establishment of six task forces to address barriers to NP practice in Pennsylvania
    • Establishment of the PCNP website and member listserve
    • Semi-annual newsletter
    • Board of Nursing meeting coverage by an NP representative
    • Sponsorship of a statewide annual NP conference
    • Establishment of a central office for PCNP
    • Organizational affiliate membership in the PA State Nurses Association
    • State Affiliate organization of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American College of Nurse Practitioners
    • Continued membership in the PA Alliance of Advanced Practice Nurses - an organization of the four advanced practice nursing groups that seeks to remove legislative and regulatory barriers to APN practice
    PCNP will continue to strive to remove barriers to NP practice and to be a voice for NPs across Pennsylvania.
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