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    I am just wondering if anyone here has enrolled in Temple's DNP program. I can't find a lot of info about it. I am currently getting my BSN online at Wilmington University and I want to become a nurse practitioner so I was planning to either continue with the MSN at Wilmington or attend another local school. The MSN at Wilmington would take 3 years. I looked into Jefferson and UPenn. Their programs are much shorter, around 1-1.5 years but also much more expensive. Then I looked at Temple and they seem to have the best balance of time, value and education. Three years for a DNP at around $60k and all classes are in the evening. I received a Biology degree from Temple so I am comfortable attending Temple again but I wanted to hear from other students who have been through their DNP program.
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    Just got accepted for Fall 2018, would love to hear about the program from current students/graduates.