St. clair hospital anyone have advice

  1. Anyone have any advice on St. Clair hospital? I hear from some that its a terrible place to work and from others great. I'm interested in working in labor & delivery (family birth center) when i graduate.
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  3. by   YCAussie
    I volunteered there for the past 3 years, and did many trips to the FBC. I also interviewed a nurse who worked in the FBC, and she seemed very pleased with her job. I've also heard many patients' comments when discharging them, and the majority said they were very pleased with the nurses there. I believe all but one were said to be extremely friendly and helpful.
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    Thanks for replying, since you volunteered there, do you happen to know how hard it is to get into the fbc to work? I have heard its hard to get a job there. Any other info you could give would be very helpful? What area of nursing do you plan to work?
  5. by   YCAussie
    I don't know much about how difficult it is to get a job there, but I would assume it is fairly difficult. The FBC itself only has about 10 rooms in the new section, and a few extra rooms for busy nights. Because it is so small, I would imagine that they do not employ too many nurses. If you go here: it shows the current job openings, to give you an idea of how often they hire there, and what is open. As of now, I am planning on going into neonatal nursing or labor and delivery, leaning towards neonatal nursing. But, I still have four years to decide lol. Good Luck to you! Where do you go to school for nursing?