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Hi to all Pennsylvanian RN's. I want to take a poll. If you care about your salary and future and don't want to work as a missionary....then take a minute and share salary info. Just a simple poll,... Read More

  1. by   MsLady06
    Quote from Bindy
    SO far this thread is going O.K. The last nurse hit on target when he said remember the gas and parking. Right now I am doing agency, looking to do staff again and started interviewing. Berks County paid the lowest, probably because there aren't many hospitals in that county to compete with each other and housing is lower (although I have friends that say housing is starting to balloon out of control). Mercy Hospitals are typically lower paying, ( I worked at one and I started in the ED under $25.00....and that ED nearly killed me). Then you go to Crozer Health, they are union, they pay well....they have their rates on the nursing job hotline. Check it out. Also down in Philly, hospitals tend to pay more, they also expect more of you as far as experience, and again there is parking and gas. Gas is such an issue now expecially since if you are going to work during prime hours and sitting and crawling to your job...whoa does your car gulp gas.

    Keep the poll rolling fellow nurses!


    I thought employees got free parking pass? I guess I am wrong. No wonder I would see RN's or even DR's catching the train home from Upenn. I wouldnt dare pay 15 or 11 bucks everyday.
  2. by   jewll27
    I was told by CHOP that starting GN salary for weekday days was $24.50/hr but Im curious as to all you RNs employed in the city what your take home salary ends up being after taxes? I was thinking about working at HUP, Jeff, or UPenn and jsut taking the train in (I live in bucks county 10 mins from the train line).