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  1. I officially applied to Reading Hospital School of Nursing. And they told me I would have to wait till Fall of 2009 to start Clinicals. Well I was alreday taking prerequisites at RACC (Reading Area Community College), they said i had everything done, and could apply for Fall of 2008. So I did and now they tell me its already full.

    I can't seem to get into any nursing program for Fall of 2008. I have all my Pre-reqs done. Did anyone else have to wait to get into the clincal portion?
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  3. by   evbella
    I am a 2nd year student at RHSN, and it always takes that long to get in. They fill up the classes a year in advance. If you do opt to apply for the class they are starting, you will enter as a cohort and can only progress with your entire class- taking the same classes as they are. So if you have already taken all of your pre-req's, you won't start clinicals until a year after the rest of your classmates.

    I think that you will find a long wait no matter where you apply. Some programs have been known to have waitlists of years, or schools like RHSN do not have waitlists, rather a student applies each year until they are accepted. It wouldn't hurt to try and apply to several different schools to see where you can get in first. I can tell you that RHSN may be worth the wait for you. My nursing instructors have been awesome both in lecture and clinicals

    Best of luck to you
  4. by   evbella
    Another thing to consider while waiting for clinicals to begin is to begin taking credit towards the 4 year degree. The RHSN program is set up with Kutztown University for the RN-BSN completion program- just a thought:spin: