Philly Area Work Scholarship

  1. Can you tell me the names of the hospitals that are offering work scholarships? I have done searches and have not found any listed on the internet. However, I am sure they are some. I am in another state and is not familiar with the hospitals in Philly.

    This is my last resort plan for nursing school at Drexel.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    only hospital with scholarship is jefferson +abington memorial dixon school of nursing (diploma) has scholarhip for it's program --seee below:

    albert einstein medical center
    educational scholarships available for high school and graduate nurses
    general information
    the albert einstein medical center nurses' alumni association provides scholarships for qualified applicants who show financial need in their pursuit of one of the following educational programs: baccalaureate in nursing degree, diploma in nursing, associate's degree in nursing, or a specialty nursing certification program.

    the scholarship award for a high school student applying to a nursing program is $1,000 for the first year, plus an additional $1,000 for the second year of school, if the student maintains a b average or above. applicants must submit a transcript of grades for each year that the scholarship is awarded.

    undergraduate contact

    elaine geiger
    674 meetinghouse road
    elkins park, pa

    the graduate nurse scholarships are determined by the scholarship committee and the nurses' alumni board of directors based on the cost of the program for which one is applying.

    graduate nurse contact

    genevra f. rossman, president
    101 buckshire drive
    holland, pa 18966

    [font=arial, verdana, helvetica]ste. 200, 2500 maryland rd.
    willow grove, pa 19090-1284

    [color=#003333]financial aid
    the purpose of the financial aid program is to help qualified students pursue their nursing education regardless of financial circumstances. because of the generous support of the amh family and community, full tuition packages are offered to qualified students accepted for admission to abington memorial hospital dixon school of nursing.

    lpns accept challenge of rn program at nazareth hospital

    nazareth hospital is offering its lpns a chance to become registered nurses by offering continuing education courses in nursing. in partnership with the bucks county community college, nazareth provides its lpns an opportunity to advance their education while receiving full support from their employer.

    jchp graduates benefit from tju hospital nursing education reimbursement program
    thomas jefferson university hospital recognizes that our nursing students are a most valuable asset and wants to reward them. beginning, may 2003, jchp nursing graduates will be eligible for the nursing education reimbursement program, designed to help graduated nursing students repay the debt associated with their nursing education. the program will provide $18, 600 over a three year period to qualified applicants who are hired into a full-time nursing position at any of the four thomas jefferson university hospital campuses: center city philadelphia, jefferson hospital for neuroscience, ford road (near city line avenue) and methodist hospital in south philadelphia.

    fact and senior student scholarships 2004 - 2005 academic year
    the departments of nursing service in the jefferson health system member hospitals - thomas jefferson university hospitals, albert einstein healthcare network, magee rehabilitation hospital, mainline health system, and frankford hospitals - are committed to providing scholarships to thomas jefferson university, jefferson college of health professions, department of nursing fact and/or senior nursing students in return for post graduation employment. predicated on available funds, the recipient(s) will be awarded a scholarship for 100% tuition covering one calendar year tuition for fact students and the senior academic year of tradition students in the course of study in the department of nursing, jchp, tju. recipient(s) will agree to practice at the awarding jhs institution for two years. information and application materials will be available approximately february 16, 2004. view the scholarship details and application.

    financial assistance
    financial assistance is available in forms such as academic merit scholarships; federal, state, and institutional loans; grants; employee tuition benefits; and federal traineeships. the office of student financial aid should be contacted for additional information. sources of financial aid include, but are not limited to:

    • federal subsidized stafford loans
    • federal unsubsidized stafford loans
    • federal pell grants
    • federal seog grants
    • federal perkins loans
    • federal nursing loans
    • federal plus loans
    • pennsylvania state grants institutional loans
    • donor scholarships
    • dean's merit scholarships
    • federal work study awards
    graduate scholarship and traineeship info
    graduate students may be eligible for the following scholarships and transships:

    the graduate scholarship and traineeship applications are available as of may 1st with an application deadline of july 1st.

  4. by   NurseDiva04
    Thanks for replying and the information. However, the majority of the information is for schools other than Drexel. I have been accepted to Drexel. Also, since this is a 2nd undergrad degree for me, I do not qualify for Pell & other grants, just the loans. However, I am not giving up; not yet!
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    Take out loans, loans, and more loans. Several hospitals offer some sort of tuition reimbursement when you start working for a few years committment. Last I checked Jefferson Health System was offering $15,000 for 3 years and Tenet was offering $20,000 for 3 years. Of course, that's before taxes, so your $15,000 will end up being more like $11,000. And if you don't stay the designated amount of time you don't get to keep the money. Also, I got some money through the H1B program-- not sure if there is still funding through this or not. Also, you may want to check out PHEAA, they will offer some loan repayment if you work for a participating hospital.