PA Trauma Center Act

  1. from psna newsletter:

    rep. lynn b. herman (r-centre) said this week that final passage of the trauma systems stabilization act will improve access to trauma care for the most critically injured patients. "house bill 100 establishes a grant program for pennsylvania's trauma centers," said herman.

    trauma centers are recognized as providing the immediate availability and dedication of specialized surgeons, anesthesiologists, physician specialists, nurses, and resuscitation life-support equipment seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

    the lawmaker said trauma centers were already struggling financially due to lower operating margins and higher levels of uncompensated care and their problems have only been exacerbated by the ongoing medical malpractice insurance crisis. approximately $27 million in state-federal matching funds will be available annually to the state's trauma centers.

    the trauma systems stabilization act, which passed unanimously in the house and senate, now goes to gov. ed rendell's desk for his signature.
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