PA State Nurses Association Call for Abstracts for Annual Summit

  1. pa state nurses association call for abstracts for annual summit

    pa nurses is in search of the latest research to present at its annual summit in october 2004 at the hershey lodge & convention center in hershey, pa.

    submit a proposal to have your recent research study or innovative nursing practice showcased at the psna/ponl annual summit. to be considered for the showcase, please submit the following information:

    1. name, credentials, pa nurses member status (non/member), address, telephone number and email address.

    2. title of presentation

    3. brief abstract

    mail submission to:

    pa state nurses association

    2578 interstate drive, suite 101

    harrisburg, pa 17110

    fax: 717-657-3796


    for additional information, contact patti gates-smith by calling 1-888-707-7762 x 209 or email
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