PA State Nurses Association Working on Story for CBS National News: We Need Your Help

  1. from psna news:

    cbs news has requested to interview a pa nurse on the topic of the impact of current tax laws on their family. this nurse should be a registered voter, married, have children and be willing to do an interview in their home over the next week.

    cbs would be asking the following questions:
    1. how are you impacted by current taxation laws/do you take advantage of certain tax benefits?
    2. if you had the opportunity to speak with the president, what would you suggest to ease any problems relative to these taxation laws?
    3. do you consider these taxation laws to be a burden?
    4. what is you estimated average household income?

    if you are interested or know a nurse (does not have to be a member) who may be interested in doing this interview, please contact mandy priest, director of communications at or by calling 443-690-4197 (anytime!).

    cbs is seeking a response by june 1, 2004 in hopes to schedule the interview for mid/late next week. the interview would air in july for a series on taxes and the american worker.

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