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    an interview with the new pa state nurses association president
    patrick e. kenny
    president 2006-2008
    pa state nurses association
    what do you hope to do to enhance the pa state nurses association? as an ambassador for us, i want to get our name out there consistently. we have uphill battles – many people, nurses included, confuse us with the state board of nursing, a union, other associations that have “nurses” in it’s title. we need to be consistent in our message, we need to reach out. we need to mentor those that follow us – the students that are the future of nursing. no more “eating our young” – we need to encourage nursing as a profession, not a job and not discourage people from entering our professional. above all, support the new to practice nurses not “eat them alive” – we were all there once. i was fortunate to have mentors and support. nurses have long hours, difficult and wonderful jobs – why would be discourage anyone from the filed. nursing has been very good to me in my 32 years as a nurse. i want those new to practice nurses to say in 30 years – i don’t see myself has having done anything else. when people ask me what i do i say “i’m a nurse” – not an educator, director, icu nurse, er nurse – that’s where we work. our common bond is that we are nurses, first, foremost and always.

    i've known patrick kenney over 20 years and seen him serve in various nursing association capacity's, along with serving with him in ana's house of delegates. he will continue to propel nursing forward in pa.
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